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Section 14: Data Analysis
(Microsoft Excel)
Available Resources for section 14:
Skills Checklist
Microsoft Excel Step by Step Guide
This step by step guide contains a wide range of tasks and activities which are designed to fully prepare you for the Microsoft Excel part of your exams.

The 'Files for Guide' link provides you with all of the files needed to work through the Self Study Work book.

The files are zipped in a winrar file. Click here to download your own copy of winrar.

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It is vital that you work through the book thoroughly without skipping any of the sections.

Help and Support:

The extra functions practice tasks link to the right should be completed when you feel you have developed the required function skills.
The 'functions in a nutshell' link to the right is useful for a quick reference to each of the main functions. It will help you decide when to use each function.

Compare your own tasks and activities with the samples found on the link to right. Any incorrect tasks should be corrected.

Use the samples for comparison only. It is vital that you attempt each task and activity yourself. Do not copy the samples!!

Practice Exam Questions...

The links below contain Microsoft Excel (Data Analysis) past exam paper questions. They come in winrar zip files and contain a question paper and the files needed to complete the tasks.

Complete as many as you can and ensure that you show me the finished version so I can give you a completed mark scheme. It is important that you check how accurate you were and that you correct any mistakes you may have made.

Individual Practice Questions
Basic Skills Practice
Functions Practice
Charts/Graphs Practice
The links in the yellow box to the left contain practice tasks of the individual skills that you need to learn in order to be successful in the spreadsheet part of your practical exam.

Each of the links will give you access to a zip file which contains instructions and resources for each task. Download the zip file and then unzip to access the contents.

Help zone for the above practice exam questions and tasks:
  • Microsoft Excel Tutorial - Link Here
  • Teach ICT Microsoft Excel Video Section - Link Here
  • 2007 past paper question video solution - (Coming Soon)
  • Skills Checklist - check off which skills you can do and find out which you still need to revise. The list advises where you can find help (Coming soon)
See the 'How to Videos' below for more help with the key skills required for creating data models in Microsoft Excel.

How to videos... (click the image of a projector to view each video)
General Spreadsheet Skills - Videos
Resizing columns:
Resizing rows:
Inserting columns:
Deleting columns:
Inserting rows:
Deleting rows:
Hiding/showing rows and columns:
Renaming tabs:
Selecting data:
Adding header / footer:
Saving work:

Changing Cell Data Types - Videos
Currency Format:
Date Format:
Time Format:
Decimal Points:
Number Format:

Basic Spreadsheet Formulae - Videos
Multiplying values:
Adding values:
Subtracting values:
Dividing values:
Absolute cell reference:
Relative cell reference:
Using AutoFill
(replicating formulas):
Using values from other worksheets:
Naming cells and cell ranges:
Using named cells within formula:
Showing and hiding

Basic Spreadsheet Functions - Videos

Advanced Spreadsheet Functions - Videos
(examples 2):
NestedIF (example 2):

Interrogating (filtering) Data - Videos
Basic filtering:
Filtering with criteria (more than etc):

Graphs and Charts - Videos
Creating a column chart:
Creating a line chart:
Creating a pie chart:
Adding titles:
X and Y axis titles:
Showing/hiding legends:
Creating a chart using
cells that are not next to each other:

Printing Spreadsheets - Videos
Print Preview:
Printing areas of the spreadsheet:
Printing grid lines:
Printing row/column headings:

Formatting Spreadsheets - Videos
Merging cells:
Formatting cells:
Sorting data:
Conditional Formatting:

  Exam Tips...