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Section 11: Data Manipulation
(Microsoft Access)
Available Resources for section 11:
Skills Checklist
Microsoft Access Step by Step Guide
This step by step guide contains a wide range of tasks and activities which are designed to fully prepare you for the Microsoft Access part of your exams.

The 'Files for Guide' link provides you with all of the files needed to work through the Self Study Work book.

The files are zipped in a winrar file. Click here to download your own copy of winrar.

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NOTE: It is vital that you work through the book thoroughly without skipping any of the sections.

Help and Support:
The links to the right will help you to understand key elements of unit 11.

Practice Exam Questions...
The links below contain Microsoft Access (Data Manipulation) past exam paper questions. They come in winrar zip files and contain a question paper and the files needed to complete the tasks.

Complete as many as you can and ensure that you show me the finished version so I can give you a completed mark scheme. It is important that you check how accurate you were and that you correct any mistakes you may have made.

Step by step walk through guide
for this task - link here
A modified past paper which requires all unit 11 skills in order to solve (recommended)
Individual Practice Questions
Import Practice
Query Practice
Report/Labels Practice
The hyperlinks in the yellow box to the left contain practice tasks of the individual skills that you need to learn in order to be successful in the database part of your practical exam.

Each of the hyperlinks will give you access to a zip file which contains the instructions and resources for each task. Download the zip file and then unzip to access the contents.

Help zone for the above practice exam questions and tasks:
  • List of database tasks - in their typical order with full breakdown- Link Here
  • Query Search Criteria. These MUST be memorised - Link Here
  • 2010 past paper solution - Link Here
    (This will also be useful for the other practice tasks)
  • Teach ICT Microsoft Access Video Section - Link Here
  • Skills Checklist - check off which skills you can do and find out which you still need to revise. The list advises where you can find help (Coming soon)
See the 'How to Videos' below for more help with the key skills required for building databases in Access.




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  Exam Tips...  


When creating the database, make sure you use the browse button to save the file in the correct place.

DO NOT open the .CSV file to import the data. You MUST use the "External Data" option.

Import the .CSV file as a text file and NOT an Excel file.

Remember to click the "First Row Contains Field Names" tick box during the import.

Data Types should be initially assigned during the import using the "Advanced" button.

Whole Number fields should be set to "Long Integer".
Decimal Number fields should be set to "Double".

When you have imported successfully, use Table Design to add decimal places to currency and number fields.

Use Table Design to format the Yes/No field to "Yes/No".

Include your name and numbers on EVERY document that you are asked to. This includes screen shots and reports.

Enter any new records accurately. Any spelling mistakes can cause your queries to fail.

ALWAYS create queries using the database table as a source. NEVER create a query from a query.

Learn the query criteria operators by heart (less than < more than > etc). Link to criteria operators sheet here.

Report/Labels tasks require you to first create a query to look for the relevant information. You then base the report on the query.

Ensure that your report fields are large enough to contain the information. Enlarge them if they are not.

Summaries require you to start a query as normal but remember to only select the fields that the question suggests.

Use the "Summary Options" button to perform the summary. This is on the 2nd page of the query wizard.

If you are asked to export data, ALWAYS use the query rather than the report. (Right click then Export Data).