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Section 10: Document Production
(Microsoft Word)
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Font Style
Microsoft Word Step by Step Guide
This step by step guide contains a wide range of tasks and activities which are designed to fully prepare you for the Document Production part of your exams.

The 'Files for Guide' link provides you with all of the files needed to work through the Self Study Work book.

Some of the sample files on this page are zipped. Click here to download your own copy of winrar so you can access them.

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It is vital that you work through the book thoroughly without skipping any of the sections.
Help and Support:
The links to the right contain samples of all the tasks and activities found in the Document Production Self Study Workbook. Use them to compare with your own tasks and activities to see how accurate you were.
Practice Exam Questions...

The links below contain Microsoft Word (Document Production) past exam paper questions. They come in winrar zip files and contain a question paper and the files needed to complete the tasks.

Complete as many as you can and ensure that you show me the finished version so I can give you a completed mark scheme. It is important that you check how accurate you were and that you correct any mistakes you may have made.

Help zone for the above practice exam questions and tasks:
  • Microsoft Word Tutorial - Link Here
  • Teach ICT Microsoft Word Video Section - Link Here
  • 2007 past paper question video solution - (Coming Soon)
  • Skills Checklist - check off which skills you can do and find out which you still need to revise. The list advises where you can find help - Link Here

See the 'How to Videos' below for more help with the key skills required for creating documents in Microsoft Word.

How to videos... (click the image of a projector to view each video)
General Word Document Skills - Videos
Creating a new Document:
Opening Documents :
Spell check:
Formatting and Editing Text - Videos
Selecting Text:
Deleting Text:
Moving Text:
Copy and Paste:
Change Font Style:
Change Font Size:
Change Font Colour:
Bold and Italics:
Highlighting Text:
Formatting Pages - Videos
Change paper size
(A5, A5 etc):
Change orientation (portrait/landscape):
Change margin size :
Change size of header/footer:
Insert date:
Insert file name and path into header:
Section Next Page break (alternative):
Continuous Section Break:
Formatting Paragraphs - Videos
Justify text (left, right, centre, full) :
Indenting first line of paragraph:
Hanging paragraph:
Line spacing:
Bullets and Numbers Lists - Videos
Bullet point list:
Changing bullet point style:
Numbered lists:
Changing numbered list style:
Tables - Videos
Insert a new table:
Convert text to a table:
Change table column width:
Change table row height:
Insert a new table
Delete a table
Insert a new table
Delete a table row:
Merge table cells:
Split table cells:
Aligning text in
table cells:
Background colour of table:
Table borders:
Table border colour:
Table border
Images - Videos
Insert an image
from file:
Insert clipart:
Wrap text around
an image:
Rotate an image:
Cropping an image:
Resize an image:
Aligning images
(to margin, line etc):

  Exam Tips...  


Ensure that your name, candidate number and centre number are on the bottom of the completed word document.

Remember that NO marks will be awarded for students who fail to provide this information on any piece of work that is to be printed.

You should take steps to ensure that Widows and Orphans have been removed.
    • Example of a Widow here
    • Example of an Orphan here
For Sans Serif Fonts you should use Comic Sans Serif (Unless the question gives you a specific font)
For Serif Fonts you should use Times New Roman (Unless question gives you a specific font)
Tables should be no wider than the column. Resize the table using the handles.
Use measurements accurately. For example, if the question wants a 4cm wide image - make sure it is exactly 4cm.
Use the 3 Column Header/Footer and make sure to remove any unused Header/Footer text boxes.
Check that line spaces and paragraphs are consitent throughout the doocument.
Remember to spell check the document at the end to identify spelling mistakes (Often entered on purpose).