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- PDP-1 (Host of the first popular computer game)

The PDP-1 was designed and built in MIT and had a clock speed of 200 kilohertz and could perform 100,000 operations per second . The PDP-1 is famous for being the computer that started the 'hacker' culture. It is also the hardware on which the first popular game (spacewar) was played.

Known for:
Hacking Culture
- The IBM System/360 (First computer designed to run a range of programs)


The System/360 packed a whopping 8MB of internal memory which was large at the time. The computer was a huge success due to its inventive design which allowed customers to easily upgrade the machine if their needs grew.

Known for:
- The PDP-8 (First successful minicomputer)

Produced by Digital Equipment Corporation and sold more than 50,000 units. This figure was the most of any computer up to that date. The PDP-8 combined low-cost with simplicity and expandability to make the computer available to a wider market.

It is considered to be one of the first examples of value engineered design.

Known for:
Early Word Processing
- Hewlett-Packard 9100A and 9800 series (First desktop computers)


The Hewlett-Packard 9100A is regarded as the first mass-marketed computer as well as the first to use the term 'personal computer'. The 9100A and 9800 series were programmable and designed for engineers and scientists who required complex calculations.

It came at the cost of around $5,000 (which is $33,000 in today's money).

Known for:
First desktop computers
- CDC 6000 series (First supercomputers)

From the period of 1964 - 1975, the CDC 6000 series were regarded as the fastest computers in the world. They boasted a clock speeds of up to 36.4 MHz and a core memory capacity of 65,536 - 60 bit words. The computers carried a price tag of $5 million - $9 million dollars and were notoriously unreliable.

Known for:
Very fast clock speeds

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