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Section 2:
Input and Output Devices
The course syllabus states that you should be able to:
Identify the following input devices:
Keyboards, Numeric Keypads, Pointing Devices (including mouse, touch pad and tracker ball), Remote Controls, Joysticks, Touch Screens, Magnetic Stripe Readers, Chip Readers, PIN Pads, Scanners, Digital Cameras, Microphones, Sensors, Graphics Tablet, MICR, OMR, OCR, Barcode Readers, Video Cameras, Web Cams, Light Pens.
Identify suitable uses of the input devices stating the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Identify the uses of the following sensors:
Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Light Sensor.

Identify the following output devices:
Monitors (CRT, TFT), Projectors, Printers (laser, ink jet and dotmatrix), Plotters, Speakers.
Identify suitable uses of the output devices stating the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Identify the following control devices in control applications:
Motors, Buzzers, Heaters, Lights/Lamps
Identify suitable uses of the control devices stating the uses of each.

This section is broken down into 5 parts. (Click links to visit each page)
Part 3:

Revision Practice for Section 2:
This section contains lots of files that will help you with your revision.

The table to the right contains practice questions for this section and a range of mind maps which break the information down into small chunks.

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