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Section 8:
Systems Analysis and Design
The course syllabus states that you should be able to discuss the following areas of systems analysis and design:
8.1 - Analysis:
Describe different methods of researching a situation.
State the need for recording and analysing information about the current system
State the need for identifying features of the existing system
8.2 - Design:
State the need for producing designs
Produce designs to solve a given problem
Choose the method of verification
8.3 - Development and Testing:
understand that the system is created from the designs and then tested
Describe testing strategies
Understand that improvements could be needed as a result of testing
8.4 - Implementation:
Describe the different methods of system implementation
Identify suitable situations for the use of different methods of system implementation, giving advantages and disadvantages of each
8.5 - Documentation:
Identify the components of technical documentation for an information system
Identify the components of user documentation for an information system
8.6 - Evaluation:
Explain the need for evaluating a new system
State the need for a variety of evaluation strategies

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Part 8:
Part 9:

Revision Practice for Section 8:
This section contains lots of files that will help you with your revision.

The table to the right contains practice questions for this section and a range of mind maps which break the information down into small chunks.

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