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Section 7:
The ways in which ICT is used (part 1)
The course syllabus states that you should be able to discuss:
Communication applications (such as newsletters, web sites, multimedia presentations, music scores, cartoons, flyers and posters)
Interactive communication applications (such as blogs, wikis and social networking web sites)
Data handling applications (such as surveys, address lists, tuck shop records, clubs and society records, school reports and school libraries)
Measurement applications (such as scientific experiments, electronic timing and environmental monitoring)
Control applications (such as turtle graphics, control of lights, buzzers and motors, automatic washing machines, automatic cookers, central heating controllers, burglar alarms, video recorders/players, microwave ovens and computer controlled greenhouse)
Modelling applications (such as 3D modelling, simulation (e.g. flight, driving and queue management) and use of spreadsheets for personal finance and tuck shop finances)
This section is broken down into 6 parts. (Click links to visit each page)
Revision Practice for Section 7:
This section contains lots of files that will help you with your revision.

The table to the right contains practice questions for this section and a range of mind maps which break the information down into small chunks.

The links just below this text will take you to a range of games that will help you digest the knowledge that you have gained from each of the parts above.
Reinforcement Games
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