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Section 7:
The ways in which ICT is used (part 2)
The course syllabus states that you should be able to discuss the effects of the following work-related ICT applications:
The differences between batch processing, online processing and realtime processing.
Communication applications (such as the internet, email, fax, electronic conferencing, mobile telephones and internet telephony services)
Applications for publicity and corporate image publications (such as business cards, letterheads, flyers and brochures)
Applications in manufacturing industries (such as robotics in manufacture and production line control)
Applications for finance departments (such as billing systems, stock control and payroll)
School management systems (including registration, records and reports)
Booking systems (such as those in the travel industry, the theatre and cinemas)
Applications in banking (including Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), ATMs for cash withdrawals and bill paying, credit/debit cards, cheque clearing, phone banking, internet banking)
Applications in medicine (including doctors’ information systems, hospital and pharmacy records,monitoring and expert systems for diagnosis)
Applications in libraries (such as records of books and borrowers and the issue of books)
The use of expert systems (for example in mineral prospecting, car engine fault diagnosis, medical diagnosis, chess games)
Applications in the retail industry (stock control, POS, EFTPOS, internet shopping, automatic reordering)

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Part 7:
Applications in Banking and Retail
Part 8:
Applications in
Part 9:
Applications in

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