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Section 15: Web Authoring
(Website Design)
Available Resources for section 15:
Style Sheet
Web Search
FrontPage Step by Step Guide
This step by step guide contains a wide range of tasks and activities which are designed to fully prepare you for the Web Authoring part of your exams.

Use in conjunction with the video tutorials and past paper exam questions found further down the page.

Some of the sample files on this page are zipped. Click here to download your own copy of winrar so you can access them.

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It is vital that you work through the book thoroughly without skipping any of the sections.

Web Colours Files:
(right click - Save As..)

Help and Support:
The link to the right shows you a sample of the website that is built and explained in the FrontPage Step by Step Guide above.

Practice Exam Questions .....

The links below contain Web Authoring (Web Design) past exam paper questions. They come in winrar zip files and contain a question paper and the files needed to complete the tasks. Click here to download your own copy of winrar.

Complete as many as you can and ensure that you show me the finished version so I can give you a completed mark scheme. It is important that you check how accurate you were and that you correct any mistakes you may have made.

Help zone for the above practice exam questions and tasks:
  • FrontPage Tutorial - Link Here
  • Teach ICT FrontPage Video Section - Link Here
  • 2007 past paper question video solution - (Coming Soon)

  • Skills Checklist - check off which skills you already have and which you still need to revise. The list advises where you can find help - Link Here

See the 'How to Videos' below for more help with the key skills required for web authoring in FrontPage!

How to videos... (click the image of a camera to view each video)
Style Sheet Videos

Attaching a stylesheet to a web page (1.1 Mb):
How to use HTML tags to set
styles (15.2 Mb):
Create, save and attach a stylesheet (9.5 Mb):
Tables Videos
How to insert a new table (1.9 Mb):
Merging table cells together
(2.1 Mb):
How to set cell padding/spacing and table width (5 Mb):
Images Videos
Importing images (3 Mb):
Resizing images with aspect
ratio (2.9 Mb):
Opening images for edting in MS Office Picture Manager (4.3 Mb ):
Hyperlinks Videos
Linking to internal webpages in the
window (5.3 Mb):
Linking to internal webpages in a new window (7.2 Mb):
Using anchors to hyperlink around
a web page (8.5 Mb):

Exam Tips .....
Always create a folder to store your web files into before you start to tackle the question (name it web files)

If you are asked to visit a website to download files enure that you type in the address carefully and accurately and save the files to the above folder.

To download files in Internet Exporer, click File --> Save target as...

Manipulate images using Microsoft Office Picture Manager (Right Click image then select Open with.......)

Save Style Sheets with the .CSS file extension.

Save Web Pages with the .HTM file extension.

Make sure you print out whatever the question requires. For example HTML/.CSS codes and Previews. ALL printouts must have your name, candidate numbers and centre numbers clearly added to the bottom.