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Part 3
Spreadsheets - Part 3 - Lesson Resources
Starter - The Train Journey
Click the image of the starter flag to access your starter task. Complete each task in order by reading the problem and then entering the correct formulae.
Lesson Objectives
Click on the question mark image to access the objectives of this lesson.
Harry Plotter - Which House are you in?
Click on the image of a computer to access the house sorting activity. This is so we can work out which Hogwalk's house you will be representing. Will you be in Slothering, Robintoes, HuffandPuff or Griffinboar?
Harry Plotter - Houses Worksheet

The document below gives you a wide range of tasks to complete. You should carry out each task using the 'Task 2 - Houses Spreadsheet' link on the right.

For each task there is a link to a video tutorial which should help you to complete them successfully.

Make sure that you read each task carefully and complete each task fully before moving onto the next.

NOTE: When you watch each video you need to click the back button to return to this page.

Plenary - (Crossword to test what you have learned)
Click on the image of the smiley face to access a plenary which will test what you have learned so far. Can you complete the crossword of spreadsheet questions????

Click the link above to access a quiz which will find out which Hogwalk's house you will be in.

Click the above link to access the Houses Spreadsheet which you will complete by following the instructions given in the Houses Worksheet on the left.
Extra Work
Click the link above and read the instructions.

Your task is to create a chart of the information provided on the task sheet.

This example here shows you an example of what you should end up with

Type or write a description of no less than 3 lines explaining why we would use the the SUM formula rather than adding individual cells.

Print out your homework and return it to me on the agreed date.